Zirconia crown

Aesthetic crowns based on zirconium oxide are the latest development in modern dentistry. The material is stronger than metal, extremely resistant, white and tissue-friendly, and has its origins in space exploration. It meets the highest aesthetic and functional requirements. It transmits X-rays, allowing diagnosis of the area under the crown without removing the crown. It contains no metal and has the same translucency as the original tooth. Made with the latest CAD-CAM digital technology. CAD-CAM technology enables a crown fitting by laser-precision. As with the metal-ceramic crown, the zirconium frame is covered with a porcelain cloaking, but it can also be used in the chewing zone without a cloaking due to its hardness.

The advantages of a zirconia crown are:

  • Perfect aesthetic effect
  • Metal-free, non-allergenic
  • CAD-CAM high-tech
  • Transmits the X-ray beam
  • Laser precision



When to choose a zircon-ceramic crown?

It is the perfect choice in the front zone but also optional in the chewing areas.



How long will it take?

We can create your perfect zirconia tooth replacement in up to 5 days! If you don’t want to be left without a tooth, we can make a temporary tooth replacement for you right away!



The steps to prepare a metal-ceramic crown:

cirkon korona

  1. Preparation of the tooth
  2. Imprint preparation
  3. Frame test
  4. Matt test, fine adjustment
  5. Final bonding

Choose us because we:

  • We will find the best solution for you
  • We are awaiting you with our zircon specialists
  • We will prepare it in our own lab
  • Gyorsan elkészítjük fogpótlását
  • Guarantee that you will leave satisfied
  • We offer a long-term guarantee

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